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It begins with your passion for hair and a commitment to becoming a maestro of your craft. Through Yoni Kreger’s intensive, hands-on, practice-based program, you will learn, nurture, and master all aspects of a successful career in hair, from mastering the art of the consultation to the very latest in color trends and designs. And best of all, at YK Salon, your paycheck grows as your skills develop. 

Color Theory

Understanding how light and dark shades can add or diminish height to emphasize desired areas, or how they can be used to enhance or subdue particular features of your client’s face is a cornerstone of the YK approach to color theory. Learn and master the effects of color placement to build a solid knowledge foundation. 

Cutting Geometry

An exquisite cut is based on the interplay of several geometrical features: Bone structure, growth patterns, hairline, features, hair texture, and face shape. In this master class, you’ll learn how to analyze the uniquely beautiful puzzle of each client, the cutting techniques for achieving the balance between their features, and more.

Salon Marketing

In the digital age, building and growing a base of loyal, happy clients requires effectively promoting your work on social media. We will teach you how to create the kind of digital content that increases your followers, fans, and ultimately lifelong clients and builds an impressive industry-wide reputation. 

Elite Styling

Our elite-level training program teaches stylists with a demonstrated ability in haircutting and coloring basics to take their skills to the next level. By learning and practicing advanced cutting, texturizing, and coloring techniques, your client-pleasing arsenal of skills will be dramatically enhanced.

Reimbursements for out-of-salon education opportunities


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The Classroom

The salon is your classroom. It is wide open and full of life. A stunning space curated and custom-designed by Yoni Kreger to make all his students feel welcome and at home. 

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